About UConn Nursing in Ireland

Undergraduate students from the School of Nursing have the opportunity to complete their clinical studies by doing evidence based nursing research in Dublin, Ireland.

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This is a partnership between the UConn School of Nursing and University College Dublin’s nursing school. Nursing students will have the opportunity to participate in this experience in the summer between their Sophomore and Junior years and will complete NURS 3215 while in Dublin. NURS 3215 is the required research course for the undergraduate nursing program.

The Academics

Students will earn 3 credits for NURS 3215 while in Dublin. Grades will be assigned by UConn faculty and per standard UConn grading policy. A resultant outcome of the modernisation agenda in Nursing has been the need for nurses to employ methods of best practice in the care they give to patients. It is expected that evidence underpins such quality practice. The purpose of this module will be twofold. First, to introduce students to research methodologies and methods most commonly used in Nursing Research. Second, to facilitate students in the learning of skills relating to the critical analysis of research literature. Initially, students will be introduced to Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods research methodologies. Students will also be exposed to the philosophies underpinning these methodological approaches. Research methods in the areas of sampling, data collection and data analysis will be addressed with reference to the aforementioned methodological approaches. Third, students will work in smaller groups spending time developing the skills required for the critical analysis of published research. The emphasis of this work will be on critically examining the published evidence related to areas of practice of interest to students. This will ensure a systematic approach to the teaching of research in the module.

On completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Describe the primary types of research methodologies
  • Outline the key philosophies underpinning the aforementioned methodologies
  • Differentiate between types of sampling, data collection and data analysis research methods
  • Discuss the application of different research method across studies
  • Read and critically analyze published evidence for best nursing practice

The Experience

In addition to completing NURS 3215, UConn students will interact with Irish students and students from other universities/locations around the world. Students will participate in cultural activities, including a Wicklow Mountain walk, a hurling game, a trip to the West of Ireland, a castle tour, Irish dancing, and traditional Irish music. Students will live on campus, in student housing. Tours to medical facilities will be conducted with the aim of exploring how research is operationalized in the National Health System.

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