Closing Time – by Erica Swanson

As the trip came to an end we were able to squish in some things that we still wanted to do. Most of us did our last minute shopping and a couple of us walked through St. Stephen’s Green. The weather was beautiful and the grass was very green. Some people laid in the grass and took naps and some were reading books. It was a beautiful scenery and very relaxing.

Our last day spent in Ireland was a relaxing one, we slept in a little and then we went and got crepes at Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co for our last breakfast in Ireland. I have never had a crepe before and these were delicious! Definitely something I recommend to try, especially at this place located in the center of Dublin. We spent the rest of the day exploring the shops in Dublin and then returned back to our apartments to finish (or start) packing. We all then met at Madigan’s Pub on O’Connell Street for our last supper. I had the Guinness Cottage Pie and it was very tasty. After dinner I had my first (and last) Irish coffee.

This trip was a wonderful experience and I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to study abroad to do so. At first if you are hesitant, don’t be. If you are worried about not knowing anyone, don’t be. You meet students from all over the country and become very close with those from your own school. You may be letting yourself out of your comfort zone, and it is worth every second of it. You are able to explore all over, plan trips on your own, and do anything that interests you. This 4 week trip to Ireland was amazing and I am so glad I had the opportunity experience it (I’m sure everyone else would agree).

It was bittersweet leaving, many of us were ready to see our family and friends but we will miss Ireland entirely. It was strange waking up this morning in our own beds and not having a time scheduled to meet on the second floor for class. This is a trip that will always be remembered and there will be endless amounts of stories told. It truly was an experience of a lifetime.