Always a Good Time by -Nicole Silveira

Today was our final day in this beautiful country that we have been able to call home for the last thirty days. It is bittersweet to be going home and it became so real when we said goodbye to Meredith at the bus stop this morning. The rest of us headed into town for some crepes that were just to die for! (Mine was Nutella, strawberries, bananas and white chocolate-OH MY!)

We also got to go to the “dead zoo” or the Natural History Museum. There were walls and walls of animals there it was so cool. After a while we were forced to face reality and head back to UCD to pack up all of our stuff and get ready for dinner at Madigans (we had the same waiter as the first time we were there and he was the best…AGAIN!).

I honestly have to say that I encourage anyone from UConn (or anywhere else) to come on this trip if the opportunity presents itself. We have all had so much fun and have been able to grow closer while exploring (and conquering) a new city. We learned a lot and saw a lot and there isn’t much more you can ask for than that. I will miss all of the people that I have met here so much and know that we will keep in touch when we get back to UConn in the fall. We will be up and heading to the airport early tomorrow so I guess this is the end of a wonderful trip. Until next time!


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