Talent Scout – by Abbey Koehler

One thing that I have discovered over the past three weeks is that if my nursing career doesn’t work out, I should just move to Dublin and become a talent scout. After experiencing so much of the live entertainment here, I’m pretty sure this is the most talented city in the world. Last night, we all went to see Riverdance, a show that I have wanted to see since I was little. I may just speak for myself here but I expected the show to be more of a typical Irish step dancing show equipped with recorded music and the classic curly wigs. However, as soon as the show began I was taken away by how beautiful the live singing and instrumentals were, along with the hard shoe dancing which made music of its own. In addition to Riverdance, I have listened to the best live music that I’ve ever heard while in Dublin. It’s basically like every time we step foot in a pub we get to see a concert, for free! It’s become a sort of joke between some of us that we seem to hear songs like Zombie, Little Lion Man, One, and Galway Girl every single time we go out. However whether it is traditional Irish music or a mash-up of Backstreet Boys songs (yes, played on a fiddle), we have not yet heard anything less than great. Every time we go out to listen to music we wonder how these singers haven’t been discovered yet because they are just so talented. We have also grown to love the traditional Irish music, especially the song Red Is the Rose which I’m pretty sure Alex and I have stuck in our heads at all times of the day. Although it will be nice to soon go home and be reunited with family and friends, this is one of the many things that I will miss about our Dublin experience.