A Sunny Sunday – by Meredith Joseph

Today was a wonderful breath of fresh air! It seemed like the first time since we’ve been here that we got a break from touring, classwork and constantly being on schedule. We have had some amount of free time, although I feel like mostly we have a  “go, go, go” mentality, wanting to see everything and fit in all we can while we are here. Some of us (who stayed in Ireland this weekend) opted to go to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the morning while others chose to get some must needed rest.  Personally I had family visiting so I spent the morning with them and showed them some of my favorite places in Dublin. In the afternoon most of us decided to go to Howth, an outer suburb of Dublin and spend some time there.

Howth is a beautiful fishing village right on the coast that reminded us of either Cape Cod or Newport RI. It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to wonder around the outdoor market they have there. We found everything from baked goods to jewelry to wooden art, most of it handmade. After leaving the market we walked around the town for a little while, noticing all the sailboats and a variety of fresh seafood markets and restaurants.  We decided to eat at one restaurant called “Bloody Stream” which although had an obscure name was delicious. All of their fish was fresh from the sea and even those in our group who normally don’t eat fish decided to venture out and try it. After our dinner we traveled back to the city via the Dart which is a train/ commuter rail that travels to Howth and surrounding suburbs.

Overall the day was wonderful and are constantly thankful of the beautiful weather that we have had here, as we often told that the sun and warm temperatures are not too normal, even in the summer. It is hard to believe that we now have less than a week left in this beautiful country however we fully plan to enjoy and appreciate every moment.

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