Life Begins at the edge of your comfort zone… – by Olivia Halvorson

I have often heard that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone but I never thought much of it until I was standing at the edge of my comfort zone- or boarding gate 24 to Dublin as the flight attendant would call it. The wonderful thing about standing at the edge of somewhere though is that you get to see further than you ever have before. And slowly, without even noticing, you wake up one day and realize that your comfort zone has grown to include your new home away from home.

Studying abroad was scary, nerve-wracking, and intimidating. But it was also wonderful, fantastic, and completely unforgettable.

I could go into details about all the breathtaking things I’ve seen and the amazing friends I’ve made but no words could ever describe it as good as our hundreds of photos of green fields, glorious castles, and the happy people standing together in front of them.

I’ll always smile when I look back on that one summer in college that I spent four weeks in Ireland.