Cork and the Blarney Castle! – by Vipra Patel

Hi! Today has been a long and eventful day! It’s hard to believe that it is already Tuesday and in a few days we’ll be packing out bags for our journey back. For me it’s a bittersweet thinking about going home. I miss my family and friends more than anything and wish they were here to experience everything I have. However, I can’t wait to share all the stories with them and be able to look back at everything.

Today we went to Cork and saw the Blarney Stone . Starting out bus ride at 5am, we reached our first stop, Cashel Castle, around 7am. We all walked around and took in the beautiful scenery. After that we were finally on our way to the Blarney Castle. After arriving everyone hiked up through the narrow spiral stairs to kiss the stone. I was expecting there to be a big rock that everyone kissed, but to my surprise it was actually just a part of the castle and up in the air. Everyone laid down one by one and quickly kissed the stone for their “Gift of Eloquence”. We all walked out with our very own souvenir pictures kissing the Blarney Stone.

Next stop was downtown Cork. We arrived around 2pm and had two hours to roam the city. Some went to grab a bite to eat while others shopped. I decided to go to Penney’s with a few of the girls, and Kyle to shop. Everyone gathered on the bus at 4 to head back to Dublin. As soon as the bus started up everyone was getting ready to take their three hour nap during the ride back.

After a long day we arrived around 7pm! As drained as we all were, the Blarney Stone was well worth it!