Weekend in Galway – by Courtney Egan

Hi from Galway!  After a 5 am wake up call on Friday and a 3 hour bus ride, we made to the western coast. We are having an incredible weekend thus far! On Friday, our day started with a tour.  We visited Dunguaire Castle, which was quite beautiful! We traveled into The Burren, where we saw many ancient monuments and tombs.  We also stopped at a leprechaun park, where the driver said a little leprechaun lives.

Sadly, the fog took over and we had much difficulty viewing the Cliffs of Moher.  It was very upsetting that we could not see the cliffs because all of us were looking forward to it!  However, we were very happy when the driver took us to the “mini” cliffs down the road.  These cliffs were amazing!! The views were incredible! We were so high up and got great pictures with the water below us.  To finish off the night, some of us had fish and chips while others went to “La Salsa” and enjoyed some Mexican food.  I had a vegetarian torta- delicious!

Saturday morning we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and wished Taylor a very happy birthday! Happy 20th Taylor! Then we headed off to the Aran Islands, home of the famous Irish sweater.  We took the ferry over, very rocky but very cool!  We arrived on the islands and embarked on a full day of touring via bicycles! This was my all time favorite part of the trip thus far!! I loved biking around and exploring the island.  We biked to the top of another cliff! As you would expect, the views were incredible! The sun was shining and it was so magical.  Our calves are still very sore but it was completely worth it! We rode around and saw many horses, cows, and sheep, along with a beautiful beach where boat races were taking place.  We even saw seals sunbathing in the water!  Some of us got Irish sweaters as well.  The trip to the Aran Islands was out of a fairy tale.  Tomorrow we are off to Connemara & Cong- we are thrilled!!

See you in a week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Galway – by Courtney Egan

  1. Reading about your trip to Galway makes me want to return. The cliffs of Moher was my favorite spot in Ireland……and I am envious of your trip to the Aran Islands…hope you come back with at least one sweater!
    Enjoy this beautiful country….aren’t the people the best?

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