Proud – by Heather Evans

We are coming to a close of our trip to Ireland.  I am so proud to have been here with the 15 UConn students.  They have represented the U.S. and the school of nursing well.  We have traveled, explored Ireland, attended a professional conference, and participated in our research course.  At every turn, the students have excelled.  It was an honor to be here with them.

I made dinner for the students in my apartment last Monday.  In return, they cooked dinner for me and my family last night.  WOW!  Emily is a great chef.   We had pasta, sauce, bread, and dessert.  It was a great time for us all to relax and chat.

This week the students are having their final meetings with their research mentors.  We are also going to tour Croke Park.  Declan, our professor at UCD, has arranged a special farewell meal for us on Thursday.

This has been a great trip.


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