“Home” At Last – by Elizabeth Marshall

Today is the final Monday we are here and even with 5 days left on this amazing journey, I already miss my new friends and the beautiful country of Ireland. I purposively have not read any other blog posts so that when I do go home and reality hits, I can find comfort in the memories that lie within each sentence. I was just talking to a few friends today about how the thought of saying goodbye at JFK Airport is tear-jerking. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to hug my parents, dog Bella, family and friends, talk to people in the same time zone, and not have to calculate what time it is in America or how many dollars I am really spending on a 3 euro coffee. But saying goodbye to 14 new friends I have spent the past month with and to an amazing experience we all dreamed about and have been living is not easy. Thank you to everyone who has supported and given me this opportunity of a lifetime!

Sunday was day 3 of our excursion to Galway! We went on an all day bus tour with a very sweet tour guide through Connemara, Kylemore Abbey, Ross Errilly Friary, and many other scenic stops! I think it is safe to say we were all very tired from the past few early morning days and the passage between stops was spent asleep, at least it was for me. Kylemore Abbey was by far my favorite part of the tour! The beautiful Victorian Walled Garden, the largest one of it’s kind in Ireland, was breath-taking and so precisely designed. I admired the array of flowers and plants, the layout of the paths, and the shapes of the flowers in the grass. The entire time I was walking through, I could not help but appreciate the amount of time and work the grounds crew has put into keeping this garden as beautiful as it was. I know how much time my mom puts into the gardens at my house and this garden was 100 times bigger! The food at the restaurant at Kylemore Abbey was amazing, fresh, fairly priced, and the water and bathrooms were free! A huge plus all around!

Our bus back to Dublin left at 6:15 pm and we arrived in the City Center at around 8:50 pm. As much as we loved the tours of Galway and Connemara, biking around the Aran Island, and walking around Kylemore Abbey, nothing could beat the thought of being back in our apartments at UCD, our “home.”  Also after spending more than 8 hours of the day on various buses, I think all of us were relieved to smell fresh air as we walked home through UCD to Roebuck Hall.

Today we were lucky enough to sleep in because class didn’t start until 2 pm. I along with 11 other students went into Dublin around 11 am to pay for our bus tour to Cork tomorrow! Then we went shopping for a few hours and stopped in at a familiar American restaurant, McDonalds, for coffee and lunch. First time this trip I have been in a fast food restaurant and I have to say, I have never seen a fancier or bigger McDonalds in my life. After class and meeting with our mentors, apartment 6 had the whole group and Heather’s family over for a pasta dinner, cooked by Master Chief Emily Bak. Everyone pitched in with utensils, chairs, tables, dishes, preparation, and the cost of food and it was a lot of fun! It is safe to say there were no periods of silence throughout the evening!

Take care and hope everyone is enjoying their summer!



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  1. I really enjoyed your post, Elizabeth ! You are an exceptional writer, and your narrative almost made me feel like I was a part of your experience. I was so happy that you had this wonderful opportunity in Ireland, and I am sure it will become a memory to treasure !

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