Ring of Kerry – by Nikki Yannatos

I can’t believe that today marks the halfway point of this study abroad experience! I definitely don’t want to leave Dublin anytime soon. Today me and nine other students decided to take a trip to county Kerry! Our day began very early this morning because we needed to catch a train that would bring us across Ireland. We left at 6 am from the dorm and all of us were barely awake. However, after sleeping for about three hours on the train and drinking a cup of tea we were ready to explore this beautiful county.  When we finally arrived we were picked up by the tour company and it was time to begin the drive known as the Ring of Kerry.

Our tour began by stopping at a breathtaking view of the coastline. This was the first time we saw the coast of Ireland and we were all amazed at this view of the Atlantic Ocean hitting the land. After taking many pictures we continued on to see how a shepherd herds his sheep with his border collies. Seeing the sheep herding was my favorite part of this tour because I’ve never seen anything like it. Two of the Emilys even pet one of the sheep! After the demonstration it was time to continue on to our many more stops. These stops included dingle bay, seeing wool get made, and the national park of Killarney.

Overall this trip was amazing! The views were spectacular and we all enjoyed traveling to another part of Ireland. Sláinte! (“cheers” in Gailic)


4 thoughts on “Ring of Kerry – by Nikki Yannatos

  1. Your tales of the sheep put into perspective the wonderful skills that we learn at home.Anne Bavier

  2. Travel across Ireland is quite an adventure and really shows what the county is like. It is hard to grasp that the Atlantic is on the west coast of Ireland.

  3. I can close my eyes and see the view you painted. I actually think I have seen a puzzle with the hills and sheep herding in the backdrop. I can’t wait for you to share your other tales! Safe travels!

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